Deprecation Notice

EmailPet service will be shut down March 31, 2019.

Due to the imminent shutdown of our upstream provider, Context.IO, EmailPet is forced to suspend service and shut down permanently at that time.

Don't be a slave to email. Become its master

Email is a massive time suck. And it’s holding you back from getting real work done. The way you work with email isn’t working...

  • You can’t stop fanatically checking your email every five minutes
  • Yet somehow important mail still slips through the cracks
  • Your messy inbox leaves you feeling stressed and anxious
  • And the constant distractions mean you rarely have a productive day

You need something that takes your brain out of your inbox. Something that automates email, so you can focus on work that matters. And you need something you can set up in just a few clicks.

It’s time to show email who’s boss. It’s time for EmailPet...


“It’s like having a personal assistant dedicated to my email”

EmailPet is an easy-to-use email automation tool that’s designed to get you out of your inbox. Working in the background, it efficiently organises and automates your email workflows. It’s like a personal assistant that manages your emails and protects your time.

Become an inbox zero hero

Inbox zero isn’t just for productivity freaks and workaholics. By intelligently filtering emails, EmailPet manages your inbox so you only read the mail you want, when you want. Instead of feeling a constant pressure to check emails day and night, you’ll know everything is in order.

Focus your time on real work

Don’t waste precious brainpower and willpower on countless repetitive tasks. With powerful automations, EmailPet can post the content of emails to other online services you use:

  • Automatically send emails to your to-do app of choice
  • Send receipts directly to your accounting software
  • Send support tickets to your help desk
  • Send client emails to project management software
  • And much more...

Think email automation is complicated? Think again...

EmailPet is clever software, yet simple to use. With our one-step installation wizard, you can set up the most common automations in seconds. And you can teach EmailPet how to behave by simply dragging and dropping emails, so there’s no need to create rules manually.

Works with any email service, on any device

It doesn’t matter what email service you use, EmailPet works. We support Gmail, IMAP, Outlook, even that crazy obscure webmail service you use – you name it. And because EmailPet works its magic in the cloud, your inbox will always be organized when you log in.

EmailPet will make your life better if...

  • You get a lot of emails but don’t have a system to deal with them
  • You wish you had more time to get important work done
  • You’d love to finish each day in total control of your inbox
  • And you’d rather spend evenings and weekends relaxing, not catching up on emails...

Don’t waste time processing emails. Take control of your inbox with EmailPet – it’s free for 30 days

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No credit card required
Great support if you need help
Easily turn off EmailPet if you’re not keen

This tool literally changed my life. I used to get more than 100 e-mails a day, and I am now truly down to Inbox ZERO!
Manuel Baldauff, Value Associates
Brilliant addition to mobile devices as you can have a huge flexibility in how you deal with email when you're on the road.
Jordan Fleming, Gamechangers