Stop Drowning in Email

EmailPet automates repetitive tasks and keeps your Inbox clean
so you can focus on what's important.


Automate Workflows in your Email Account

Think of it as IFTTT (if this then that) for Email

Keep your Inbox Clean

While you go about your business, EmailPet sorts through incoming mail in the background. It unobtrusively filters messages into folders of your preference, so you can get to read only the mail you want, when you want.

Automatically File and Forward Email Receipts

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Drag 'n Drop Actions

EmailPet is meant to fit you, not the other way around. Simply drag 'n drop an email into a folder, such as "read later" - similar emails will then be automatically filed where they belong. No need to create rules manually.

Keep Unimportant Emails out of your Inbox

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Powerful Automations

EmailPet can post the content of messages to other online services you use. For example, move an email into a Receipts folder and it will be sent to your accounting software. Next time you receive a similar receipt, it will be sent to accounting without even appearing in the inbox.

Convert an Email into a To-do Task

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Deep Folder Triggers

EmailPet isn't just an Inbox management service. It can keep any and all of your folders tidy. You can filter sent mail or any other folder you wish to. Perform actions when an email is dragged to any folder.

Snooze an Email until Later

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Works with any Email Account

Unlike many tools that focus strictly on Gmail, EmailPet also supports IMAP and Outlook accounts too. Many cloud email services don’t provide conditional forwarding filters. Now you can.

Save good Emails from Spam Folder

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Works on All Devices

Keeping Outlook open to do your filtering causes issues when your PC goes to sleep. Since we filter in the cloud, it doesn't matter how many or which devices you're using.


It's never been so achievable to organize your Inbox your way.

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