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EmailPet automates repetitive tasks and keeps your Inbox clean so you can focus on what's important.

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Flexible Cloud Mail Filtering with Powerful Email Automation

Think of it as IFTTT (if this then that) for Email

Automatic Filing

When an email arrives from a learned address (or subject), EmailPet can automatically move that message to another folder (or perform other actions on it).

Drag 'n Drop Learning

When you move an email to a folder, EmailPet can learn the address of that sender, and optionally the subject (no need to move focus to another app to create a rule).

Advanced Actions

When an email is dragged and dropped or moved to a folder, EmailPet can forward that email to an external service keeping the sender data intact, and many other actions.

Works with any Email Account

Hook up GMail, IMAP, Exchange. Many cloud email services don’t provide conditional forwarding filters. Now you can.

Works on All Devices

Keeping Outlook open to do your filtering causes issues. Since we filter in the cloud, it doesn’t matter how many or which devices you’re using.

Filter on Any Folder

Why only filter incoming mail? Now you can filter sent mail or any other folder you wish to. Perform actions when an email is dragged to any folder.