About EmailPet

Hi there.

My name is Andreas Huttenrauch, and I am the founder of Globi Web Solutions, a Calgary Web Design Company. I have created multiple successful SAAS applications, including GlobiMail for Podio and GlobiFlow for Podio (recently acquired by Citrix).

I have always disliked email, and how intrusive it can be. My Inbox gets bombarded with emails that are not important, do not require my immediate attention, or are just blatantly spam.

After searching for email management software and email productivity apps, I found SaneBox, which appeared promising. However SaneBox had multiple disadvantages for what my needs are:

  • SaneBox is really expensive, especially for multiple email addresses
  • SaneBox requires a change in how I manage email
  • SaneBox is missing some critical functions that I need

I also found a few other email management systems (like Astro) but they mostly seemed mobile-centric and still missed some critical functions that I needed.

I created EmailPet to address mostly my own needs, and it has grown into a very useful service now used by thousands.

Check out some of the ways I use EmailPet to keep me at Inbox Zero and dramatically reduce unnecessary distractions from email.

Of course, the best way to find out what EmailPet can do for YOU, is to sign up for a free trial and take it for a spin yourself. It may take a bit of work getting everything set up, but it will be well worth it in the long run when you start seeing the benefits.



It's never been so achievable to organize your Inbox your way.

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This tool literally changed my life. I used to get more than 100 e-mails a day, and I am now truly down to Inbox ZERO!
Manuel Baldauff, Value Associates
Super-simple to setup and now my Inbox is well organized and automated with my freelance team. EmailPet really delivered.
Scott Gellatly, TrackZEN