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Best Email Folder Structure for Productivity

There has been a lot written about this subject, but it's worth taking a fresh look. In the past, many suggestions for structuring your email folder hierarchy was influenced by the available technology and limitations thereof.

5 Rules toward Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero is email bliss. Having an empty Inbox has a very calming effect. Not to mention that email is a terrible system to manage your to-do list.

Using a Later Folder to focus on the Important

As per our Inbox Zero rule #3, you should automate the removal of unimportant emails from your Inbox to a separate folder that you can scan later. This can be easily done using EmailPet.

Using Forwarding Folders to Redirect Email

Every so often, you may receive an email that needs to be forwarded to the same place over and over again.

Getting around Zapier's 15 minute IMAP sync Limitation

Zapier also allows triggering actions when emails are moved to a particular folder, but only checks your folder once every 15 minutes for changes.