Deprecation Notice

EmailPet service will be shut down March 31, 2019.

Due to the imminent shutdown of our upstream provider, Context.IO, EmailPet is forced to suspend service and shut down permanently at that time.

Getting around Zapier's 15 minute IMAP sync Limitation

For those of us that use Zapier, it's hard to deny it's usefulness. Zapier also allows triggering actions when emails are moved to a particular folder, but only checks your folder once every 15 minutes for changes. That can be an eternity.

If you need to work with the result, you need the action to trigger immeditately, not every 15 minutes.

Luckily there's an easy work-around using EmailPet to get instant actions on IMAP message moves.

1. Your Zapier Zap

Change your Zap to use Email as the trigger instead of IMAP.

2. The EmailPet Filter

Create a new filter in EmailPet to forward any email dropped into your specific email folder to your Zap's email address in Zapier.

And that's it. Now any email dragged and dropped to your IMAP trigger folder will instantly activate your Zap and perform it's actions. No more waiting around.