SaneBox vs EmailPet

How long have you been working with Inbox Automation?

Maybe you are new to the process and still trying to learn the SaneBox Folders or maybe you have been doing this for awhile now and your Inbox is never more than a few items that need your immediate attention.

Either way, using EmailPet will get you training your Inbox like a Master.


Here are our top reasons why you should consider getting a new EmailPet...

1 - EmailPet will adapt to how YOU want your Inbox

Instead of having to retrain your Email with new SaneBox folders, EmailPet you can start training your email based on your existing Mail Folders. With an easy interface to set up the filters, you can quickly continue to enjoy your uncluttered email inbox.

If you are new to Inbox Automation, EmailPet has quick, one-step install wizards to help you set up the most common automations.

2 - EmailPet won't empty your Wallet

With EmailPet, you can set up Inbox Automation on up to 5 email addresses for just 5 dollars a month with a 20% discount for paying annually. Compare this to the plans at SaneBox where even the Snack plan, that only includes 1 email address, is 7 dollars a month.

Most users have more than 1 email address account thus EmailPet can save you upwards of $250/year.

3 - EmailPet follows your Activity

With the Logs page in EmailPet, you can easily view the current items that are triggering, observe the actions that are performed and log when an error might occur.

Since this page is in Real Time, there is no need to subscribe to noisy Email Notifications as done in SaneBox.

4 - EmailPet can relay a message by Remote Post

Having an action to Remote Post can give you the ability to send an email to a webhook to enhance the automations that can be completed. This is a convenient way to ensure your data gets where it needs to go.

5 - EmailPet can guard your Inbox while you are away

It's possible that you are going away on vacation and yet you still want to stay connected or maybe you are expecting an important reply on a weekend.

By setting Filters for dates and time, you can schedule EmailPet to keep you notified when these Important Emails come in.

SaneBox just cannot look out for you the same way.


Still need more reasons to switch?

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