Unroll.me vs EmailPet

Managing your Inbox with Automation has just got better!

What is the situation in your Inbox? Are you still getting lots of emails that are not high priority?

Maybe it is time to move to EmailPet or other Unroll.me competitor!


Let me give you a little information that will help you make your decision.

1 - EmailPet allows you to manage ALL received emails

Using a program like Unroll.me will only monitor your subscriptions and newsletters thus leaving you with junk mail that still piles up. If you want more flexibility to manage your Email, EmailPet is the solution.

You can still easily manage your Newsletters by setting up a News Folder in your Email Client and adding a Filter in EmailPet to process these.

2 - EmailPet has many more features

Since Unroll.me only handles your Email Subscriptions, you will have more versatility with EmailPet. This program can automatically File and Forward emails from any folder and keep all the unimportant mail out of your Inbox.

View the Features HERE

3 - EmailPet works on up to 5 Email Addresses

Services like Unroll.me are free but have very limited features and only work on 1 email address per account.

EmailPet gives a Free trial for you to get started. After that, the low cost of $5/month can give you all the benefits of Inbox Zero on 5 different email accounts..

4 - EmailPet has the ability to snooze an Email

Its possible that you still want a News Item in your Inbox but you just don't have time to read it now.

With EmailPet you can easily set the Snooze by a few hours or any time limit you decide. Simply drag the message to the Snooze Folder and it will pop back into your Inbox as set up in the filter.

5 - EmailPet can monitor any domain

Unfortunately for most business email users, Unroll.me will only work on specific Email clients. Thankfully EmailPet also supports IMAP and Outlook accounts too so you can have Inbox Zero in all areas of your life.


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