Intelligent Inbox Automation - Examples and Use-Cases

Convert an Email into a To-do Task
How to turn an email into a to-do item in Todoist, ToodleDo, Asana, Any.Do, etc.

Keep Unimportant Emails out of your Inbox
How to automatically move unimportant emails (newsletters, etc) out of the Inbox and into your Read Later folder.

Save an Email to Evernote
How to save an email to Evernote for future reference by simply moving it to a mail folder.

Auto BCC an address in GMail
How to automatically BCC when sending emails with GMail.

Automatically File and Forward Email Receipts
How to automatically file inbound receipts in your Receipts folder and forward them to,, etc.

Snooze an Email until Later
How to snooze an Email until tomorrow or next week.

Get an Alert on Urgent Emails
How to get an SMS Text alert when you receive an urgent email from you Boss.

Save good Emails from Spam Folder
How to prevent emails from friends ending up in your Spam folder by accident.

Automatically delete Emails from Sender
How to automatically move unwanted emails to the Trash, and safely unsubscribe from lists you don't want to be on.

Built something Cool?

If you built a cool Inbox automation, please share it with us. Your contribution could be posted here and may inspire others.


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