Automatically delete Emails from Sender

How to automatically move unwanted emails to the Trash, and safely unsubscribe from lists you don't want to be on.

When known spam arrives

To teach new bad senders


Available as a one-click installation


To set this up manually:

  1. Create a new Mail Folder called "Blacklist"
  2. Create a new List called "Blacklist"
  3. Create a new Filter:
    • When mail arrives in folder "INBOX"
    • And From In List "Blacklist"
    • Move Message to "Trash"
  4. Create a new Filter:
    • When mail arrives in folder "Blacklist"
    • Add Sender to List "Blacklist"
  5. Next time you receive an email from someone you don't want to hear from again, just move it to the Blacklist folder, and you'll never see emails from them again.


It's never been so achievable to organize your Inbox your way.

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Brilliant addition to mobile devices as you can have a huge flexibility in how you deal with email when you're on the road.
Jordan Fleming, Gamechangers
This tool literally changed my life. I used to get more than 100 e-mails a day, and I am now truly down to Inbox ZERO!
Manuel Baldauff, Value Associates