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Automatically File and Forward Email Receipts

How to automatically file inbound receipts in your Receipts folder and forward them to,, etc.

When a receipt arrives

To teach new receipts


Note that since receipts can come from addresses that also send other emails, we will set up filters based on the sender address AND the subject line of the email.

To set this up:

  1. Create a new Mail Folder called "Receipts"
  2. Create a new List called "Vendors"
  3. Create a new Filter:
    • When mail arrives in folder "INBOX"
    • And From with Subject In List "Vendors"
    • Move Message to "Receipts"
  4. Create a new Filter:
    • When mail arrives in folder "Receipts"
    • Add Sender and Subject to List "Vendors"
    • Forward Message to Address "" (or whichever receipt management system you're using).
  5. When a receipt arrives in your Inbox for a new vendor, move it to the Receipts Folder (you only need to do this for the first one - all future receipts will be moved there automatically).


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