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EmailPet service will be shut down March 31, 2019.

Due to the imminent shutdown of our upstream provider, Context.IO, EmailPet is forced to suspend service and shut down permanently at that time.

Keep Unimportant Emails out of your Inbox

How to automatically move unimportant emails (newsletters, etc) out of the Inbox and into your Read Later folder.

When a newsletter arrives

To teach new senders


Available as a one-click installation


To set this up manually:

  1. Create a new Mail Folder called "Read Later"
  2. Create a new List called "ForLater"
  3. Create a new Filter:
    • When mail arrives in folder "INBOX"
    • And Email is a Newsletter
    • Or From In List "ForLater"
    • Move Message to "Read Later"
  4. Create a new Filter:
    • When mail arrives in folder "Read Later"
    • Add Sender to List "ForLater"
  5. When an unimportant email (newsletter, etc) arrives in your Inbox, move it to the Read Later Folder (you only need to do this for the first one – all future emails from this sender will be moved there automatically).


It's never been so achievable to organize your Inbox your way.

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Brilliant addition to mobile devices as you can have a huge flexibility in how you deal with email when you're on the road.
Jordan Fleming, Gamechangers
Super-simple to setup and now my Inbox is well organized and automated with my freelance team. EmailPet really delivered.
Scott Gellatly, TrackZEN