Deprecation Notice

EmailPet service will be shut down March 31, 2019.

Due to the imminent shutdown of our upstream provider, Context.IO, EmailPet is forced to suspend service and shut down permanently at that time.

What you need to get to Inbox Zero


Flexible Filters
Flexible Filters

Powerful Actions
Powerful Actions

Learned Lists
Learned Lists

Trigger Folders
Trigger Folders

Smart Lists

To define a list, such as a blacklist or a whitelist, EmailPet uses not just email addresses, but also subject lines. This allows to arrange multiple types of similar messages without having to create a rule for each one. This also results in more accurate learning and actioning.

Filter Any Folder

Unlike apps that can only act on new mail in the Inbox, EmailPet can manage any and all of your folders. No matter how email got there. Whether it has just arrived, was moved by you, or even was moved by EmailPet itself.

Adaptable Filters

To keep your Inbox clean in response to varying message traffic, EmailPet learns from you every time you move or delete an email. This is especially useful when you're on mobile. You can then fine-tune filtering conditions for sender, recipient, cc, subject line, attachments, and even the email body to achieve ever greater precision.

Powerful Automation

EmailPet automates everything email clients can do. It can mark messages as read, move them to a different folder, or delete them. What's more, it automates actions that email clients can't do. It can snooze an email and make it re-appear after a pre-determined time interval.


To become a better companion for you, it takes being friends with other online services you may be using. EmailPet can automatically post certain messages for processing to any website of your choice. That is in addition to the capability to auto-forward or send a brand new message to whatever address you desire.


It's never been so achievable to organize your Inbox your way.

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Super-simple to setup and now my Inbox is well organized and automated with my freelance team. EmailPet really delivered.
Scott Gellatly, TrackZEN
This tool literally changed my life. I used to get more than 100 e-mails a day, and I am now truly down to Inbox ZERO!
Manuel Baldauff, Value Associates