Inbox Automation and Cloud Mail Filtering Features

Our Email Magic will get you to Inbox Zero.

Learned Address Lists

Address Lists let you store lists of specific email addresses or email domains, as well as optional subject parameters, to perform actions on. Some common address lists used are:

  • Whitelist - A list of people you trust, and if an email from one of these addresses ever accidentally lands in your spam folder, EmailPet will automatically move it back to your Inbox.
  • Blacklist - A list of addresses you never want to receive email from. Any email from one of these senders will automatically be sent to your trash folder.
  • Later - A list for emails with subjects that don't need your immediate attention. If emails arrive in your Inbox from a Later sender with a matching subject, they will simply be moved to the Later folder so you can read them at your leisure.

Filters for Any Folder

Unlike normal email filters that only act on email arriving in your Inbox, with EmailPet you can set filters on any mail folder. Some common filters used are:

  • Learn Blacklist - If an email is moved to the Blacklist folder, add the sender to the Blacklist and remove them from the Whitelist.
  • Inbox check Blacklist - If a new email arrives in your Inbox and the sender is in your Blacklist, move the message to the Trash folder.
  • Learn Whitelist - If an email is moved to the Whitelist folder, add the sender to the Whitelist and remove them from the Blacklist.
  • Spam check Whitelist - If a new email arrives in your Spam folder and the sender is in your Whitelist, move the message back to the Inbox.
  • Learn Later - If an email is moved to the Later folder, add the sender and subject to the Later list.
  • Inbox check Later - If a new email arrives in your Inbox and the sender is in your Later list and the subject matches, move the message to the Later folder.

Flexible Filter Conditions

With EmailPet you can filter on many conditions, like:

  • Addresses - check the sender, from, to, or cc lines - and not only for static values, but pattern match to custom address lists.
  • Subject - check the value of the Email Subject.
  • Headers - check any Email Header.
  • Body - evaluate the text in the Email Body.
  • Attachments - filter on attachment names or sizes

Powerful Actions

You are not limited to just moving emails to different folders, but can also set rules to:

  • Address List - add or remove an email address from a custom address list (with optional subject).
  • Forward - forward (redirect) emails to any address, keeping the original sender data in-tact as if it were sent there originally.
  • Remote POST - POST the content of the email to another server or service in JSON format.
  • Move - move messages to different mail folders (which could trigger another filter).
  • Send Email - send a new email (eg to your mobile provider's email-to-sms gateway address, resulting in sending an sms text).
  • Snooze - wait for a pre-determined amount of time, and then move the email back to the Inbox.

This becomes very handy when you (for example) create an Evernote folder, and set a filter to forward any emails you drag and drop into your Evernote folder to your Evernote account.


The best way to experience our Email Magic for yourself is to sign up for an account and take EmailPet for a test drive. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.