Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us and we treat your personal information with the utmost care. Here are some of the finer points you may want to know:

Personal Information

We store the following personal information about you in order to perform the required service: Name, Email Address, Email Account Details, and anything you define as part of using the service (lists, filters, etc). We also store some meta data like when your account was created, and when the last activity happened in your mail account. Your personal information will never be shared with anyone, unless under Government Court Order. We especially will never sell your information to 3rd Parties.

Email Address

We require your email address in order to allow a mechanism for you to log into your account and reset your password. We may send you important service announcements from time to time, and you will be able to opt out of all messages at your request.

Email Account Details

In order to perform our magic with your emails, we do require access to your email account. We utilize the Context.IO service to do that. This way, we do not have to store your email passwords.

Email Content

We do not read or store any of your emails. The service only takes a plain text snapshot of an email when it arrives to be able to process your filter rules. These snapshots are only held in memory and never saved, and forgotten once your filters have been processed for each message.

Third Party Services

This application is built using Context.IO technology. By signing up or using this application, you understand and agree that DokDok, Inc., its parent company, Return Path, Inc. and their affiliates (collectively "Context.IO Providers"), who provide Context.IO, will have access to your information and will be permitted to use that information in accordance with Return Path’s Privacy Policy. If you wish to opt out of sharing your information with Context.IO Providers, you may do so at

Context.IO is a Return Path company which only collects anonymous metadata to make the email ecosystem better. For more details, see the Context.IO Privacy FAQ and Security FAQ.

Website Security

All areas of this website that require sensitive information are secured via SSL. The website uses regular Apache/PHP session cookies to remember certain details from page to page, which is required to provide a logged in experience.

Website Tracking

This website uses cookies to remember you and be able to log you in more quickly. Additionally, 3rd party services could use cookies to track you on this website for purposes such as analytics and advertising retargeting. Such cookies will only store information your browser provides to them.

Common Sense

This service also stores information you provide directly into forms and widgets, and the data you enter is stored in order to provide the service you are requesting.